Nine out of ten innovations fail. Often because a prototype hasn’t been tested well enough before bringing it to the market. Innofest provides entrepreneurs with the possibility to test innovations at a festivals. This works because Innofest sees festivals as mini-societies, with their own energy grid, water infrastructure, waste, food, logistics and thousands of end users of innovation: the festival visitors. Innofest uses the entire infrastructure for innovation testing, helping around thirty innovators each year. These innovators gain relevant feedback, a track record and potential launching customers. So far Innofest has worked with 90 innovations, from off-grid energy solutions, a pop-up social insurance, a circular sanitation unit and and app that appraises sound.

In 2017 Innofest was rewarded the Grand Jury Prize at the European Enterprise Promotion Awards.


Testing with Innofest is free of cost, but only for selected entrepreneurs. Our conditions are:
1. the prototype is innovative
2. testing the prototype at one of our festivals is relevant for the innovation
3. the prototype has a (future) business case
4. the innovation contributes to a better world


This was Innofest in 2018

Vimeo video


Want to know more, or want to explore options for Innofest to your country? We are always up for adventure! Please get in touch and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible;