Green Deal Circular Festivals

The Green Deal Circular Festivals and Innofest join forces! In 2022 we will help two entrepreneurs with a test spot at one of the European festivals that are connected to the Green Deal Circular Festivals. For this we are looking for European entrepreneurs who develop circular innovations for festivals.

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To stimulate circular innovation at festivals we are looking for entrepreneurs who develop circular innovations within the two themes below: 

1. A secure and fraud-proof deposit system for reusable and recyclable cups.
2. Reducing camping materials, which are left as residual waste after festivals.

The programme

The Green Deal Circular Festivals support green growth by stimulating sustainable and circular innovations. The participating organisations have agreed to increase the circularity of European festivals as much as possible by 2025. Innofest helps entrepreneurs who have developed innovations that contribute to this goal to test their innovations at festivals.

The programme consists of a series of workshops in which the test case takes shape step by step. During the final practical test at the festival, the entrepreneurs receive personal guidance from a test expert to achieve optimal results. We also give European festival directors and other partners a unique look behind the scenes through innovation tours.

This initiative is supported by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

You can register until May 19!

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Why would you participate?

> You test your prototype using a proven method;
> You will have access to unique test sites;
> You will collect valuable data to further develop your prototype;
> You will create visibility for your company.

"Testing with Innofest is a fantastic and unique opportunity to validate new concepts, products and services."
Bart Groothuijze, CASTODIAN

About Innofest

Innofest offers start-ups and scaleups the opportunity to test prototypes in living labs and thus gives a kickstart to their success. By validating key assumptions in an early phase, startups increase the chances of success of their innovation and retrieve crucial evidence for investors or launching customers.

Since its founding in 2016, Innofest has guided over 200 test cases in this way at festivals and living labs. We do this using our own validated test methodology. Request the whitepaper in which we have defined our methodology here.

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