The test locations

Innovation is crucial for the resilience of our society. That is why we are committed to good test locations for our entrepreneurs, even in times of strict corona measures. In this way, we will hopefully continue to be able to help startups on their way to a successful market launch in these challenging times. Below are the test locations with which Innofest is in close contact.

Into The Great Wide Open

2 - 5 September | Vlieland, The Netherlands
Into The Great Wide Open takes place every year at various locations on Vlieland. The festival is one of the leaders when it comes to circular and sustainable organization and embraces entrepreneurs. The 6000 loyal visitors that come every year represent every generation.

Eurosonic Noorderslag

13 - 16 January | Groningen, The Netherlands
Eurosonic Noorderslag is the most significant showcase festival in Europe. During the day, a conference is held for music professionals and at night, the latest music talents are presented at over 30 locations throughout the city. On the last day of the festival (Saturday), Noorderslag takes place - a festival which features new Dutch talent. This year they mainly organize their festival online, but with a crew of 150 people who organize this environment and a huge online audience. Entrepreneurs can use both to test their innovation.

Welcome to The Village

16 - 18 July | Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
With 7000 visitors, Welcome to The Village is an up-and-coming festival that is held in the Groene Ster recreational park. Every year, the festival puts on an experimental music/theater/innovation program and provides Innofest participants plenty of room to experiment.


11 - 12 april | Amsterdam
DGTL is an international brand based in the Netherlands that also organizes festivals in Spain, Brazil and Israel. The DGTL Festival takes place at the NDSM shipyard in Amsterdam every spring, with a focus on the event's circular organization. It is a 3-day festival that welcomes 20,000 visitors per day and features a progressive dance program.

Here Comes The Summer

1 - 3 May | Vlieland, The Netherlands
Here Comes The Summer is the springtime version of Into The Great Wide Open held in the green outdoors of Vlieland near the Stortemelk grounds. With approximately 1500 visitors, this small festival is attended mostly by families and young children. Its location on an island, the type of terrain, and its date so early in the season, make this festival the perfect place for pre-tests.


11 - 20 of June | Terschelling, The Netherlands
Oerol is a 10-day art, music and theater festival on the island of Terschelling. Oerol welcomes approx. 50,000 visitors and has locations all over the island. Thanks to these diverse locations, each with their own challenges, combined with the curiosity of the Oerol audience, the festival has proven to be the ideal testing ground for various entrepreneurs. Oerol has announced that it will take place in a different shape and form than normal, due to corona.

TT Festival

20 - 28 June | Assen, The Netherlands
With 180,000 visitors in the center of Assen, TT Festival is the prelude for the well-known motorcycle races at the TT Circuit in Assen. With its numerous stages in the city, the campgrounds surrounding it, and its large crowds, TT Festival is an interesting place for entrepreneurs to test their innovation.


2 - 4 July | Schipborg, The Netherlands
FestiValderAa is an intimate theater festival that is held in the Drentsche Aa nature reserve every year. Various theater locations all offer opportunities for a vast array of innovation pilots.

Paradigm Biergarten

| Groningen
Last summer, entrepreneurs tested on the terrace in the middle of the Paradigm festival site. A large, creatively designed site with plenty of leeway for entrepreneurs. Because the Paradigm organization is familiar with the Innofest concept, the possibilities are great both at the terrace and behind the scenes.

Zwarte Cross

15 - 18 July | Lichtenvoorde, The Netherlands
The largest multiple-day festival in the Netherlands with up to 200,000 visitors who come to Lichtenvoorde from all over the country, finding different ways to camp in the area surrounding the festival terrain. Thanks to these large numbers, it's a unique location for innovation pilots.

Paradigm Festival

13 - 15 August | Groningen, The Netherlands
The Paradigm dance festival attracts 8000 visitors every year. Much more than a festival, it's a breeding ground and meeting place on the former Suikerunie grounds. Paradigm is allowed to use the grounds for a large portion of the year, which makes it ideal for many interesting pilots.


19 - 29 August | Groningen, The Netherlands
Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival Groningen is an 11-day art festival and large-scale summer holiday festival at a highly accessible park in the city. Noorderzon draws roughly 135,000 visitors per year and works with a large pool of enthusiastic volunteers. The festival also always organizes a program that involves sustainability. The organization is investigating the possibilities and impossibilities for a small-scale summer program with local partners.

Camping area Stortemelk

| Vlieland
This is a family campsite by the sea with a large group of crew members. An interesting test spot for entrepreneurs because camping guests shower, eat, drink and sleep there. The guests at camping site Stortemelk are very open to trying out new innovations. This location was therefore extremely suitable for a pilot with the end user. Furthermore, the location is also extremely suitable for tests in the field of waste.