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A cookie is a small file which is automatically stored on your hard drive when you visit a website. uses cookies to improve the website and your browser experience, as well as integrate it with social media. Cookies can be disabled or deleted with tools available in most commercial browsers. The preferences will have to be set separately for each browser you use, and various browsers offer different functionalities and options.

Innofest uses the following cookies/pixels on the website:

  • Essential cookies, which are essential for the operation of the website.
  • Performance cookies, to monitor website performance and analyze how our visitors use the website. This allows us to optimize your web experience and quickly identify and fix any issues that arise.
  • Tracking cookies, to monitor how users use the website and how effective our Adwords advertisements are on the Google search results pages (google analytics).
  • Social media buttons, to promote or share pages to social networks Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. These buttons are established by code that is supplied by these social networks. These codes also place a cookie. Please regularly check the privacy statements of the relevant social networks to read more about their use of your personal details when processing this code.
  • We use the facebook pixel code, which we use to measure the effectiveness of our advertising and reach and build advertising audiences we care about.

Should you wish to have your data deleted for whatever reason you may contact us through oc.ts1718323608efonn1718323608i@ofn1718323608i1718323608

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