About us

The Innofest team connects start-ups and their innovations, including the corresponding test questions, to the right living labs and partners.

We have a proven track record: since our founding in 2016, we have been able to help over 180 entrepreneurs bring their innovation to market quickly.

Our team

Team Innofest

Linda Vermaat
Leads the troops
Linda is inspired by people who question the establishment and are willing to take action. Her search for these people has resulted in the co-founding of the Slow Food Youth Network, Professional Rebel and TwentieFour. As head of the Innofest team, she forms partnerships and spots new business opportunities. . 
Christiaan Glerum
Pushes forward
Chris can rightfully call himself a validation expert. During his many years as an entrepreneur, innovation adviser and fuck-up organizer, he has helped organizations of all sizes apply their innovations. With an above-average interest in technology, sustainability and health, he makes sure that impact entrepreneurs pull out all the stops to validate the prototype and prepare for their market.
Rob van Wegen
Rob has years of experience as a producer (Into The Great Wide Open, IDFA, Liberation Festival Utrecht, IFFR, NFF among others) and he utilizes all his experience to make sure the tests go smoothly. Rob is the link between the entrepreneurs, the scouts and the festivals and therefore a key player in facilitating and realizing everything we do at Innofest.
Wilbert van de Kamp
Makes it concrete
Wilbert started a few social start-ups and initiatives of his own. Getting your hands dirty helps you see things that deserve a nice spot at festivals. That is why Wilbert looks for start-ups that can really benefit from having a test location at festivals.
Friso Visser
Writes the method
By day, the enthusiastic critic Friso is a communication strategist and by night, he is the innovation enabler. Because he often collaborates with education partners both by choice and by accident, he is the right person to scour the education sector for innovations to bring to the festivals.
Mélanie Kamping
Tells the story & scouts innovations
Melanie is the face behind the vast majority of our online content. She is our whirling reporter at all festivals and has high aspirations when it comes to telling an honest story about climate change. From 2020 on, she joined forces with the startup scout team to connect social and sustainable entrepreneurs that are in need for a testlocation, with Innofest.
Jurre Plantinga
Writes it down
As a former journalist and communication adviser, Jurre has a nose for stories. At Innofest, he is responsible for finding and writing the right stories, both for the press and our support base. In this role, he is also involved in the media strategy and approach.
Rianne de Groot
Builds the brand
Rianne worked as a marketeer for big food brands for many years, but she consciously switched to contribute to the sustainable and social sector. She is inspired by the speed in which a startup can make impact and good at making sure a concept work. When you speak to her, you can't avoid her enthusiasm for Innofest and big chance that you walk away with some marketing advice.


Anna van Nunen
Freelance innnovation and validation expert
Bianca Pander
Partner BKB | The Campaign bureau | founder Welcome to The Village
Ferry Roseboom
Founder Excelsior Recordings + proud member of team Into The Great Wide Open
Dago Houben
Managing director Eurosonic Noorderslag
Sjoerd Bootsma
Artistic director LF2028 | Artistic leader Welcome to The Village

Supervisory board

Anne-Wil Lucas

Director Kennispark Twente

Frederik van Droffelaar

COO at Impact Hub Amsterdam

Ilse van Ast

Lawyer (partner) Bosma | Van Ast vastgoedadvocaten

Anneke Sipkens

Former director Stichting DOEN

Harmen van der Hoek

Business Director Club Guy & Roni and Noord Nederlands Toneel


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Innofest wouldn't be Innofest without its partners. Together, we help expedite the evolution of over 30 innovations from prototype to ready-to-market products or services every year. This is how we contribute to a healthy entrepreneurial climate.

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