How it works

Festivals are the ideal test environment for innovations.

Nine out of ten innovations fail, in many cases because a prototype has not been sufficiently tested before it’s launched in the market. This costs entrepreneurs a lot of time, money and energy.

Innofest ensures that, for an increasing number of start-ups, the step towards the market is a successful one. We do this by connecting entrepreneurs to leading Dutch festivals so they can test their innovations. This works: a festival is, after all, essentially a temporary micro-society with a fence around it. This makes it an ideal test environment for the prototypes of many start-ups.

Innofest ensures that, for an increasing number of start-ups, the step towards the market is a successful one.

A temporary micro-society.

Festivals offer much more than just thousands of people eating, drinking, sleeping and partying. They all have their own infrastructure that, to a large extent, can be compared to that of the “real world”. Each festival, for example, has its own energy grid, a newly built water supply and many logistical challenges. Thanks to their isolated character, flexibility and measurability, festival form a much more efficient test location than anything you could create. When an innovation succeeds at a festival, the step towards the market and thereby the real world becomes considerably smaller. If the innovation fails, the festival information will still generate crucial information that is necessary for taking the prototype to the next level.

Each festival has its own energy grid, a newly built water supply and many logistical challenges.

Contribute to a better world.

Innofest not only wants to help entrepreneurs, we also want to contribute to a better world. That is why Innofest works with impact start-ups. There are only a limited number of places available every year. In order to be considered, a prototype must be innovative, testing at a festival should clearly have added value and the innovation is expected to have a business case and contribute to a better world – now or in the near future.

Why it works

From the lab to the real world.

A major bottleneck for innovations is that too much money is invested in the endless testing of prototypes in labs.

Over the past few years, Innofest has helped well over 150 entrepreneurs further develop their innovations. Our team specializes in making validation as practical as possible, no matter how complicated the technology. Every entrepreneur is supported by an innovation scout who helps compile the right conditions to devise an innovation pilot at one our festivals. This also involves the support of the festival producer who ensures a seamless fit between test and festival. In addition, the Innofest team has a gigantic network which we are more than happy to share with our entrepreneurs.

The Innofest method works.

A recent study by the University of Groningen shows that the Innofest approach delivers results. The process gives entrepreneurs better insight into their own product and the needs of the market. And it gives start-ups the much-needed confidence to enter the market with a new product. Over 70% of the alumni indicates that thanks to the Innofest approach, their entrepreneurial skills have improved. And no less than 80% were able to identify new customer segments or customers thanks to the test. Send us an email.

The entrepreneurial skills of over 70% of our alumni have considerably improved thanks to Innofest.

More brand awareness.

Entrepreneurs who test with Innofest can also count on increased brand awareness thanks to all the media attention it generates. Throughout the festival year, various national, regional and trade media cover Innofest and the participating innovations.

You can find out more about the innovations that Innofest has helped over the past few years on our case page. If you would like to register an innovation or if you have any questions, please contact us.