Less stress thanks to pulsating pillow
At TT Festival and FestiValderAa, the company that developed the Millow ran a study to see whether its pulsating pillow does actually help people relax.
WhatA pulsating pillow
By Millow, SIA
Living labTT Festival, FestiValderAa

Stress is a growing problem in our society. The Millow makes it easier for people to take a breather now and again by producing a pillow that reproduces a slow heartbeat. The first-aid station at TT Festival trialed the pillow to find out whether it helped stressed people unwind. At FestiValderAa, the focus of the study shifted to the development of a business case. Using feedback collected at both festivals, Millow developed a new prototype, which is currently being subjected to extensive user testing. Millow is also still looking for a partner to manufacture the pillow.

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