April 11, 2024

Thriving alumni thanks to the Green Deal Circular Festivals

As leaders in the festival industry, the Green Deal Circular Festivals aim for fully circular and climate-neutral festivals. Innofest supported this mission by testing sustainable innovations at three European festivals. The result? The entrepreneurs made big progress soon after their tests.

One notable example is Uppact, with whom Innofest collaborated in 2022 to test the cleanup and recycling of camping waste at Lowlands. Uppact is now poised to open its own factory, marking a significant stride towards a more sustainable festival landscape, where festival waste is transformed into valuable resources. Read more here.

The Green Deal Circular Festivals tests also brought success for the participating festivals: Into the Great Wide Open was nominated for the AGF (A Greener Future) Award, for its collaboration with Innofest and innovator Chefchain. ChefChain tested its blockchain technology, offering consumers more insight into the origins of their food. More information here.

Last but certainly not least, Toopi secured substantial funding following their test at Mysteryland. This innovative startup, which transforms urine into plant food, raised an impressive 8.4 million euros.

At Innofest, we take immense pride in seeing the work and impact of these startups being acknowledged, whether through funding or nominations. This recognition offers startups the opportunity and resources to further develop their solutions, underscoring the increasing interest in sustainable solutions within the festival industry.

For us, this marks just the beginning of an exciting journey towards a sustainable and innovative future.

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