A sustainable hot shower
At the Into The Great Wide Open festival, Hamwells ran a test to see whether its heat recovery module returns the same savings in real life as it does in the lab.
WhatInnovative heat recovery system for any home
By Hamwells
Living labInto The Great Wide Open

One of the main challenges in the energy transition is to ensure an ongoing supply of hot water. Hamwells has developed a heat recovery system that uses the heat of shower wastewater to preheat clean shower water for the next person to take a shower.

At the Into The Great Wide Open festival, Hamwells tested its system at the festival campsite. With so many people using the shower, Hamwells was able to verify whether the 60% energy savings achieved in the lab held up in real life. They did. An added benefit of testing the shower system at a festival campsite was that it allowed Hamwells to study whether the system would continue to work as intended when subjected to large amounts of dirt. Coming through this part of the test with flying colors as well, the shower system is now ready for its market launch.

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