Innofest x Le Guess Who?

In collaboration with Innofest, Le Guess Who? is offering three sustainable and social entrepreneurs the opportunity to test their products at TivoliVredenburg. By gathering feedback, these entrepreneurs can improve their products and create a more significant impact.


Who’s testing their product?


Did you know that the global furniture industry is a serious threat to our planet? In the Netherlands alone, 247 million KG of furniture waste is thrown away and incinerated annually. Only 10% of this huge amount is recycled.

Kairos has decided that it’s time for a change. They’ve developed an exceptionally sustainable sofa that is modular and therefore designed to last a lifetime. During Le Guess Who?, they are collaborating with entrepreneurs to explore how best to convey their mission. Will you join them in this endeavor?

Location: TivoliVredenburg, second floor, against the glass window


Sealed Cycle

Up to 85% of the waste generated in (semi)public spaces could be recycled if waste separation at the source were done correctly. Unfortunately, this rarely happens, resulting in valuable resources being partially incinerated or landfilled as waste. This leads to more CO2 emissions, fewer recycling options, and increased costs.

Sealed Cycle offers a solution to this problem: a waste bin that autonomously separates waste using AI technology. Visitors at Tivoli can test the user-friendliness of this bin and provide feedback. Come throw away your waste and make an impact!

Location: TivoliVredenburg, Plein 6



The cocoa trade is far from transparent, with too many intermediaries between the producer and the consumer. As a result, chocolate becomes a generic product with its taste minimized to ‘just’ sweet or bitter, often associated with numerous injustices such as child labor, slavery, exploitation, deforestation, and more. Mesjokke wants to do things differently: they only source unique cocoa varieties, where the flavor depends on the country of origin, soil type, and cocoa fermentation method.

They pay a fair price for this cocoa and ensure they know where it comes from and that it’s produced under fair conditions. During Le Guess Who? visitors can try this exceptional chocolate. Will you drop by for a taste?

Location: TivoliVredenburg, second floor, against the balcony

Sociaal en duurzaam innoveren in Utrecht
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Innovaties in de schijnwerpers op Le Guess Who?
Muziekfestival Le Guess Guess Who? fungeerde afgelopen weekend voor de tweede maal als proeftuin voor drie duurzame en sociale innovaties: Mesjokke, Kairos en Sealed Cycle.…
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Le Guess Who? pioniert met duurzame innovaties uit Utrecht
Van 9 tot 12 november fungeert Le Guess Who? als proeftuin voor drie duurzame en sociale innovaties: Mesjokke, Kairos en Sealed Cycle. Deze prototypes dragen…
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Een koninklijke locatie voor duurzame innovaties
Van 1 t/m 3 juli testten we voor het eerst tijdens Royal Park Live, in de tuin van Paleis Soestdijk bij Baarn. Deze koninklijke locatie…
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‘Innovatie is enorm gebaat bij goede samenwerking in het werkveld’
Joyce Post is één van de Innovation Officers bij EQUANS, een wereldwijde marktleider in technische dienstverlening. Met innovatieve technische, digitale en duurzame oplossingen helpt EQUANS…
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De kop is eraf! Een zonnig testweekend op Bevrijdingsfestival Utrecht en Overijssel
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Deze ondernemers testen dit weekend hun innovaties in Utrecht
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Nog maar één week om je aan te melden voor ValidatieLab Utrecht!
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Test jouw duurzame innovatie uit regio Utrecht dit najaar op een living lab of festival?
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Innofest schaalt op door samenwerking met de Gemeente Utrecht
De Gemeente Utrecht kent subsidie toe aan Innofest voor het ‘ValidatieLab Utrecht’. Daarmee komt een samenwerking tot stand dat als doel heeft het stimuleren van…
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