A flowering wristband
Design student Tessa Hesseling developed a biodegradable festival wristband that contains flower seeds. Artists playing the Paradigm Festival were the first to try out the new wristband.
WhatA biodegradable festival wristband with flower seeds inside
By Plantjebandje, SIA
Living labParadigm Festival

Most festival wristbands are still made of plastic. And festivalgoers often continue to wear theirs until well after the festival has ended, as a memento. These two facts gave Tessa the idea for her biodegradable festival wristband with flower seeds inside. As soon as they are back home, festivalgoers can take off their wristband, plant it in some soil and see it flower. At the Paradigm festival, 100 artists were the first to test the flowering wristband. Tessa got nothing but positive feedback before, during, and after the festival. At present, she is in talks with Dutchband on a follow-up test and on large-scale production of her wristband.

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