Real-time water quality monitoring
The Aquacolor Sensor was tested at the Eurosonic Noorderslag and Oerol festivals by integrating it into each festival’s water infrastructure.
WhatA color sensor that monitors water quality in real time
By Aquacolor Sensors
Living labEurosonic Noorderslag, Into The Great Wide Open

With any kind of (temporary) water infrastructure, it is key to know at all times that the water is safe. However, proper water quality testing in a lab often takes several days, during which the potential water quality issue may worsen considerably. Aquacolor Sensors’ innovation works like an early warning sensor. Thanks to the organizers of the Eurosonic Noorderslag festival making their water grid available for a test, Aquacolor Sensors was able to collect a wealth of valuable data on usage and the technology. Later on in the summer festival season, they ran another test, this time at the Oerol festival, to check the gateway signal range. Numerous organizations have meanwhile showed an interest in this innovation and several have already teamed up with Aquacolor Sensors.

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