The comeback of a vanished pea
The 'Wonder van Scheemda' is a pea that was marketed in the 1920s and 1930s as a stem pea. Thanks to organic farming company Eikemaheert, it is now back from the brink!
WhatThe comeback of a vanished pea
By Eikemaheert
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The ‘Wonder of Scheemda’ is a pea that has recently made a comeback. After it came on the market in the 20s and 30s as a stem pea, it disappeared over time. Fortunately, entrepreneur Ruurd Walrecht of organic farm Eikemaheert in Loppersum (Groningen) has recovered and preserved seeds. Eikemaheert managed to multiply the seeds, so we can now eat the peas again.

At the Waddenfestival, Eikemaheert investigated where and how they could sell the ‘Wonder van Scheemda’ better. The public tested the taste of the pea, indicated the most interesting characteristics of it and provided feedback on where they would prefer to buy it. This showed that people find the taste, nutritional value and usability in the kitchen most important aspects of the pea. The fact that the pea is grown in an environmentally friendly way, is a regional product and can play a role in the protein transition was considered less interesting.

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