Integrating newcomers into an organization
New Faces is running tests to see whether festivals make a good place to facilitate the integration of newcomers to society.
WhatDeploying newcomers as festival volunteers
By New Faces, Iepen Up
Living labInto The Great Wide Open, Welcome to The Village, Oerol

Building a new life in a new country is far from easy. Especially for refugees, going out into the job market again and building a network from scratch is a major challenge. This is where New Faces comes in, which offers newcomers to society the opportunity to volunteer at festivals. In the summer of 2018, New Faces had over 150 newcomers working at the Welcome to The Village, Oerol, and Into The Great Wide Open festivals. These pilots proved highly effective and enabled New Faces to develop a toolkit that facilitates the integration of newcomers into organizations. New Faces is meanwhile active at festivals across the Netherlands. And with great success, as more and more parties have adopted the New Faces way of working.

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