Cheese from cows that eat seaweed
North Seaweed tested the name and marketing story behind their seaweed cheese.
WhatCheese from cows that eat seaweed
By North Seaweed
Living labWaddenfestival

Seaweed is taking on an increasingly prominent role in solving food and resource scarcity. For example, its production does not use fresh water and/or scarce agricultural land. Seaweed also captures a lot of CO2 and can play an important role in climate solutions. For example, it is possible to use seaweed to significantly reduce methane emissions from dairy cattle.

During the Waddenfestival, North Seaweed tested their cheese made from milk of cows that eat seaweed. This cheese is much healthier due to the higher share of Omega-3 in the cows’ feed. The entrepreneurs tested, among other things, whether “seaweed cheese” was a suitable name for the product and what value consumers attach to the regional origin of the product. In the coming period, North Seaweed will take further steps in establishing the name and marketing around the seaweed cheese.

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