March 25, 2022

Innofest is looking for entrepreneurs who want to test their circular innovation at a European festival

We once started in the North of the Netherlands and now we’re even crossing our own borders. In the coming season, Innofest is working together with the Green Deal Circular Festivals, supported by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. For this, we need entrepreneurs that want to test their innovation at a European festival. Interested? Read more below.

The Green Deal Circular Festivals support green growth by stimulating circular innovation at festivals. In 2022, we help two entrepreneurs to get a test spot at one of the European festivals that are affiliated with Green Deal Circular Festivals. To this end, they are looking for entrepreneurs who develop circular innovations within the two themes below:

1. A secure and fraud-proof deposit system for reusable and recyclable cups.
2. Reducing camping materials, which are left as residual waste after festivals.

You can find more information here. Would this be something for you? You can apply until the 12th of May via this link.

Afraid of the financial consequences? No worries, a test budget will be available that allows you to partially reimburse your expenses.

Contact oc.ts1709015927efonn1709015927i@eht1709015927neb1709015927 for any questions you may have.

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