Light Challenge x LUNA Nights

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Which light installation helps you feel more safe at night? Which one do you find the most aesthetically pleasing? Which installation would you prefer to see in your own neighborhood? 

Take a look at the prototypes in and around Blokhuispoort and help these students to win the Light Challenge of 2022.

Got a lot to say? Fill in these surveys for each prototype.

  1. Friesland College LWD 2
  2. TU Delft
  3. TUe/UNI Twente
  4. Friesland College LWD 1
  5. Windesheim
  6. HVR
  7. HVA
  8. Groningen
  9. Friesland College Drachten

What is the Light Challenge?

The Light Challenge is a design competition that challenges new generations to combine lighting in public spaces with sustainable energy from (local) nature, with a different way of generating energy than we’re used to.

These innovations are crucial, because public lighting is still a major energy consumer. Besides that, lighting in the outdoor area allows us to carry out activities in the evening and at night. It contributes to the perception of public space in the dark hours of the day. But it must also be in balance with the immediate environment: too much (artificial) light disrupts nature and our sleep.

By exhibiting at LUNA Festival, the students collect relevant feedback to improve their prototypes for the final in April at the Floriade Expo 2022.

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