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LiveGreen, One Resilient Earth, Green Events and Innofest are joining forces! Together we aim to stimulate sustainable innovation at festivals. Therefore, we organize an online Test Like the Best workshop for a limited number of European startups, in which they will learn why the festival and creative industry is an interesting market for them and how they can test their assumptions. Two of these startups will be selected to test their prototype at a European festival.

Please note: applications are closed.

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The Program

A limited amount of startups can sign up for our first workshop, called ‘Test Like the Best.’ After this, a small number startups will be selected to join two additional workshops in which they will prepare their test case, working side by side with one of our test experts, to create their best test case. After the third workshop, two startups will receive a test spot at one of the international festivals that are affiliated with us, such as EurosonicNoorderslag, Lowlands and Into The Great Wide Open. We are specifically looking for startups who develop innovations to make the festival sector and cultural industry more sustainable. Think of solutions for waste management, water and energy.

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Startups of the future

There are a huge number of startups that are making the festival sector more sustainable. By collaborating with these startups at festivals and events, the sector can set an example for visitors. Festivals are pre-eminently a great place to try out innovations because the sector is open to change. Would you like to be included in the list below? Send an e-mail to Cynthia: oc.ts1716497999efonn1716497999i@aih1716497999tnyc1716497999.

Why should you participate as a startup?

  • You will learn how to properly test your prototype, by using a proven method that has already been applied by over 230 startups;
  • You will have access to unique test locations at European festivals;
  • You will collect valuable data to further develop your prototype;
  • You will create visibility for your company;
  • You will dive into a new market: the multimillion festival industry.

Check our website to learn more about how and why our approach works and which innovation pilots we have done so far. This initiative is supported by the European Union. 

About Innofest

Innofest offers startups and scale-ups the opportunity to test prototypes at living labs, giving them a kickstart to their success. By validating key assumptions in an early phase, startups increase the chances of success with their innovation and gain crucial evidence for investors or launching customers.

Since its inception in 2016, Innofest has guided more than 200 test cases in this way at festivals and living labs. We do this using our own validated test methodology. For more information, download our whitepaper where this methodology is defined.

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