Oat drink from Texel
Dapper.Texel tested which marketing texts resonated most with visitors of the Waddenfestival.
WhatOat drink from Texel
By Dapper.Texel
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Oats are enjoying growing popularity as a superfood. In the process, it is also a good crop to improve soil quality. Dapper.Texel is investigating how to make oat products on Texel. In the case of their oat drink, not only does the raw material come from Texel, but the production process also takes place there.

Dapper.Texel tested which marketing texts appealed most to the visitors of the Waddenfestival. The answers from the festival audience showed that the fact that the product comes from Texel is very important in the marketing. This works especially well with young people. Less so with older people, but that is not necessarily their target group. The entrepreneurs are now going to find out whether the chosen story works equally well for different target groups and they are going to test the taste of the product with a larger audience.

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