Reading meters using AI
At the Into The Great Wide Open festival, Clockworks conducted a technical test of its beer flow meter reading solution that uses image understanding capability.
WhatReading beer flow meters using artificial intelligence
By Clockworks
Living labInto The Great Wide Open

Replacing old meters with smart meters is not always an option. But Clockworks wasn’t going to just accept that, and so they developed a system that converts offline text into online data through image recognition and artificial intelligence. After testing at the Into The Great Wide Open festival, Clockworks used the data collected to make further technical improvements to the system. The people behind Clockworks have set out to ultimately use their technology on a much broader scale, and not just for beer flow meter readings. And they seem to be on track to pulling it off, landing a €300,000 investment from UNIIQ in November 2018 for further development of their technology. In October 2019, Clockworks also launched the Blicker – a meter reading device for all kinds of different customers.

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