Innofest x Mysteryland

This year Mysteryland is a testing ground for six impact entrepreneurs. They will gather feedback at this fantastic location to improve their innovation.

See below for more info about the tests and where you can participate.

The innovations

StatieHeld – Bottles and cans easily recycled
Sh*t, you’re in line for the entrance and find out you still have some drinking cans in your bag… The recycling bins from StatieHeld provide the solution: a quick and easy way to recycle bottles and cans while receiving the deposit back digitally. At Mysteryland, the entrepreneurs are testing the user-friendliness and functionality of their bins. You can find one bin at every entrance.

Toopi – Collecting Urine to Improve Farmland
The French circular startup Toopi has developed a bold innovation, collecting and converting human urine into a valuable agricultural resource known as a biostimulant. Urine contains valuable nutrients that can enhance soil fertility. Through this revolutionary approach, they contribute to reducing the use of chemical fertilizers in agriculture. During Mysteryland, they are testing their new collection tanks’ functionality in the camping area restrooms. Are you ready to pee for a good cause?

Roua – Dye Your Own Clothes with Natural Dye
A lot of fast fashion brands use chemical colours that affect our environment and our body, but not a lot of people are aware of this. In fact, it isn’t necessary to use these chemical colours since we can use everything around us to make great eco-friendly natural pigments. Roua Atelier is collecting the leftover vegetables and fruit of the festival hosting a dye workshop at the Marktstraat on the camping site. They will teach you how to dye your own clothes (could be any form of textile, also tote bags) with natural dye.

You can find Roua Atelier at Innofest stand at the Marktstraat on:
Friday: 14.00-18.00h
Saturday 10.00-17.00h
Sunday: 20.00-0.00h

DRIFTY – A 3D-Printed Boat from Recycled PET Bottles
DRIFTY aims to make sustainable boating accessible to everyone. At Mysteryland, they are conducting a user-friendliness test of their sustainable 3D-printed boat by transporting artists backstage to different stages on the festival grounds. In addition to that, they are also collecting feedback at the Marktstraat on the camping site. Are you coming by to give them your honest opinion about their product? It will be greatly appreciated!

You can find DRIFTY at the Innofest stand at the Marktstraat on:
Saturday: 20.00-1.00h
Sunday: 10.00-14.00h

RENSET – Green and Portable Energy Supply
Renset’s mobile Powerstation is a green, mobile power supply with four interchangeable battery units. They are testing at Mysteryland whether their innovation can be applied to festivals and if the battery is powerful enough. Additionally, they’re discussing the application of this green power supply with the festival organizers and using their battery to provide green power to the Innofest stand at the Marktstraat.

Spore – Fermenting Waste at Festivals
Amsterdam-based startup Spore creates waste bins that accelerate the fermentation process of organic waste. The entrepreneurs want to explore if food waste and contamination of organic waste at festivals can be prevented by placing sensors in the garbage bins. AI is used to monitor pollution levels. Spore wants to determine if this AI solution works and gain insights into the extent of food contamination at festivals. They are testing their technology backstage in the crew kitchen. Hopefully, this technique can help festivals reduce their waste costs by composting organic waste on-site.

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