A green and modular battery
Rent a Battery conducted a backstage test to investigate whether their eco-friendly, modular battery is convenient to disassemble and reassemble.
WatEen groene, modulaire batterij
Door Rent a Battery
Living labZwarte Cross, Into The Great Wide Open

Behind the scenes on the festival grounds of Zwarte Cross, Rent a Battery successfully tested their PowerTrolley; a mobile and modular battery with a capacity of 5 kWh. This battery is specifically designed to supply renewable energy to food trucks and provide an environmentally friendly alternative to polluting diesel generators. The main focus of this test was to assess the usability of the battery, with an emphasis on the ease of assembly and disassembly.

Benjamin Neeteson, co-owner of Rent a Battery, is enthusiastic about the results of the test, in which they had 15 potential users perform the battery change: “Both experts and new users seemed to manage to perform the battery change effortlessly.” The feedback gathered during this test was valuable and will be used to further improve the battery. “Technically, the battery with a power of 4 kW and 5 kWh of battery capacity also proved that it can power even heavier users, such as caterers with coffee machines, for long periods of time. That had not been tested before, so we are very happy with those results. This also shows that we are technically ready. Although it was an intensive weekend, it was fun and immensely useful at the same time.”

Two months after Zwarte Cross, Rent a Battery investigated during Into The Great Wide Open whether festivals and food trucks were interested in their battery by talking to various festival organisers and entrepreneurs.

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