oktober 24, 2023

Innovations for a sustainable and inclusive festival industry

Together with DGTL, the Revolution Foundation and Oerol, we support innovative initiatives that make the festival industry more sustainable and inclusive. During DGTL ADE, three of these initiatives had the chance to prove themselves in a real festival environment, collect feedback and increase their impact.

When waste is not properly sorted, it ends up in landfills, incinerators or the water. The environmental damage caused by this is huge. For example, the total greenhouse gas emissions from landfills are comparable to those from the aviation industry. PLAEX has therefore developed the “Garby,” a bin that automatically sorts collected waste, working with AI technology. The result: 70% less residual waste, and 68% less collection costs. At the DGTL festival grounds, two Garby’s were set up and tested to see if they were functioning properly.

CEO Tyrell Pantophlet is happy with the test results: “Each bin was used more than 150 times, and we received extensive engagement and feedback from users. From the users’ interaction, we discovered several areas for improvement. Firstly, we recognized the need to update the signing and stickers for better clarity. Additionally, we identified the necessity of enlarging the lid and making it more user-friendly by incorporating a handle.

We found that the current design might not be ideal for a food court setting, especially during peak periods. However, it performed very well in areas with high foot traffic. An interesting observation was the system’s sensitivity to the bass of the music. The lid’s movement in response to the music’s rhythm occasionally triggered the system, making it activate as if an item had been tossed into the bin. This discovery highlighted the need for further refinement in the system’s responsiveness.

As a result of this pilot test, we have gained clarity on our target market. Moreover, we have a clear roadmap for upgrading the sorting system of the bin to ensure optimal performance and user satisfaction.”

Skik Analytics’s app aims to make festivals more inclusive and safer by recommending personalized routes during an event. The first development phase of this app was tested at DGTL, where visitors were asked if they would use an app like this and what kind of functionalities they would like.

Eline de Jong is the founder of Skik Analytics: “We had extensive conversations with visitors, gathering valuable information about the use of a festival app and what they would like to see in it. We also had conversations with the people behind the scenes, including the security, first aid and awareness teams, to gain insight into the challenges they face. One awareness team member was super excited about the idea of an app that would help her enjoy the festival more. Particularly in the area of inclusivity at festivals, we can contribute, and we will continue to work on this in the near future.”

As of the start of 2024, festivals will no longer be allowed to use disposable plastic cups and meal containers. At DGTL, Ozarka is replacing single-use food containers with high-quality reusable dishes, custom-designed for takeout. They are testing an off-grid system by tapping into the bidirectional battery of an electric car and are measuring how long a commercial dishwasher can run on a single charge. This test signifies a significant step toward enhancing their sustainability efforts.

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Next year we are helping 4 companies, social projects and students from all over the Netherlands to set up a test case at DGTL 2024 and Oerol. We are therefore looking for innovations, initiatives and art projects that make the festival and creative sector more sustainable, inclusive and diverse. We are also looking for solutions that can be tested more widely than just within the festival’s gates. For example, also consider the surrounding areas of the festival, the route people take or the online environment of the festival. Is this something for you? Then apply no later than December 6, using the button below:

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