April 24, 2020

Coronavirus update II

Yesterday evening, the cabinet announced that due to the corona crisis until September 1st 2020, no events should take place. This cancels the festival summer, which also has major consequences for Innofest.

Although many suspected it, it is still a terrible shock to the organizations and employees who are active in the festival sector. With the disappearance of the festivals with which Innofest collaborates, the test locations for the startups that we have already selected will also be discontinued.

Innovation is crucial for the resilience of our society. In these festival-free months, we are therefore working hard to give entrepreneurs the opportunity to test their product or service and thus improve it further. To this end, we are in discussion with various parties about setting up or opening up living labs that can serve as test locations. In this way, we will hopefully remain able to help startups on their way to a successful market launch, even in these challenging times.

As soon as we can, we will report concrete results of these conversations via our website and socials. In the meantime, we will continue to participate with our partner festivals. About what is still possible both offline and online and how Innofest can contribute to this. We will also continue with our virtual Innolessons, which helps entrepreneurs to sharpen their test case. Additionally we look at how we can help startups through ‘home testing’.

Do you have questions about this message or do you see (test) opportunities for our entrepreneurs or Innofest? Please contact Linda at oc.ts1642771620efonn1642771620i@adn1642771620il1642771620.